With Christmas just one week away, parking lots overwhelmed with shoppers, and online sites pushed to their max, right about now I know most of us are forgetting about any downtime for ourselves. The word ‘fun’ has most likely been put on the back burner till all the presents have been unwrapped, and we collapse in a heap of paper and turkey-comas.

So instead of waiting till then to take some time to relax with friends and family consider visiting any of the options below for a quick break from it all!

  1. If you happen to be in or around Niagara Falls take some time to explore the amazing  Winter Festival of Lights
  2. Speaking of the Falls, did you know that from January 16th to February 16th 2020          Niagara Wine Festival and Niagara Parks Commission have teamed up to bring guests one of the most inventive dining experiences around! The Snowglobe Soiree will allow diners to feast inside 1 of 10 clear, heated dining domes overlooking the Falls. Definitely an experience not to be missed!
  3. If snowglobes and fancy dining are a bit too formal for you, downtown St. Catharines has a plethora of amazing cafes and casual dining places. At Ludology take some time ‘offline’ to play any one of the hundreds of board games they have while enjoying some great food and coffee! They even have Saturday morning cartoons and an all you can eat cereal bar from 10am to 2pm every weekend! Pajamas not included.
  4. Keep the vibe offline while you’re there and pay a visit to Someday Books There’s just too many good books and not enough time in the world to read them all! Some amazing finds of new and used books here with great prices, and there’s no greater satisfaction then falling deep into the rabbit hole of a great story that you found yourself!
  5. Still keeping it close to home, no trip in Niagara at this time of year would be complete without a visit to Just Christmas, the one and only year round Christmas store located in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. You might even be lucky enough to spot Santa and whisper your Christmas wish in good old Saint Nick’s ear!
  6. Want to feel like an extra in Downtown Abbey? Then Afternoon Tea at the Prince of Wales which is also located downtown in Niagara-on-the-Lake is an absolute must! High Tea is serious business, so expect to be treated like a Victorian aristocrat while you’re there.
  7. Alright so this one may not exactly be downtown, BUT since you’re already in the area, another great location spot to visit and sip at is Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers. Located in Beamsville, these distillers craft natural small batch spirits including Absinthe! Hint: Might want to have a DD for this trip 😉
  8. Struggling to find the right gift for someone? Try something historical at The Heritage Gift Shop located in Jordan Village. Here you can find everything from fashion to fudge! The store is staffed completely by volunteers and supports the Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty.
  9. Farmer’s Markets are always a great place to check out, and right now there’s probably nowhere else you’ll feel as ‘Christmas-y’ (I know – not a real word) as any one of local options we have such as the Welland Farmers Market open  Saturdays from 6am to 12pm, and St. Catharines Market Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays 6am to 2pm.
  10. So if you’ve made it to some or even one of these places and feel like you might have some extra calories to burn, take advantage of some Outdoor Skating that’s pretty much everywhere you turn in Niagara during the winter months. The skating rink at Wayne Gretzky Estates even has their own Whiskey Bar Patio and dining area for you to relax in when you’re done.

Hopefully that’s piqued your interest a bit and revived your potentially fading Christmas spirits! Whether your living in the area of visiting during the holidays there’s no shortage of things to do.  For anyone in need of a place to stay I highly recommend The Secret Garden Cottage – one of the cutest and best Airbnb spots around! Book now to take advantage of their special price!
If you’re not from the area and just happen to fall in love with it all contact me anytime to find out more about our Real Estate Market, or try checking here to see a list of current properties for sale!

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